About Rushipeetham

Overview of Rushipeetham Charitable Trust

‘Rushipeetham’ means ‘Bharatha Bhumi’, the land of seers and sages. Ages ago, wise seers of yore perceived the knowledge that could not be grasped by senses, through their power of penance. They brought forth the secular and spiritual knowledge, wishing the universal well-being and happiness. The hidden eternal values, the latent knowledge, unknown pearls of wisdom ought to be searched, channelized and to be manifested by assimilating India’s greatness.

“Rushipeetham” came into being, shouldering this Herculean task, accepting it as a humble duty and responsibility towards that cultural renaissance. Rushipeetham, is the brain child of the renowned poet, a literary luminary, a reputed scholar and philosopher Bramhasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma. The strong feelings of Godly devotion and patriotism in him found expression as Rushipeetham, the voice that echoes the eternal values of “Indianness”.The almighty God himself is the eternal Pontiff for the Rushipeetham. Human personalities can never head this perpetual legacy and remain as its humble, duty bound servants.

Efficiently managing the magazine on one hand and simultaneously giving discourses at several parts of Country and abroad Bhrahmasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma, is relentlessly spreading the message of eternal values of India.

Rushipeetham Publications has been established to promote the literary treasure of Vedic knowledge through publication of various literary works.

This organization aims to Explore, Experiment and Express through research and publications and Enlighten the people.

We intend to honor learned scholars of various Indian studies and also to promote research in various fields of Indian science by encouraging research scholars and Intellectual by organizing suitable seminars and publishing research data about ancient Indian Knowledge.

We resolve to enrich the Indian cultural legacy by bringing out the Unique and creative art forms in music, dance and other performing arts through Audio and Video publications.

We wish to strengthen the hands of organizations that protect and promote the studies and listening sacred pravachanams from our Gurus.